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Job Requirements

 University Degree in Computer Science/Information systems

 3 years’ experience in SQL and Microsoft Integration Services


 Knowledge of Process

 Ability to capture and document business processes either existing or new and maintaining documentation to fruition. Practical working knowledge of SQL and SSIS and how various business units benefit through Data Integration.

 Knowledge and understanding of relational databases and data warehouses. Database development skills i.e. creating and maintaining database objects across platforms. Strong T-SQL skills with the ability to solve problems as they arise.

 Knowledge of Technology: Advance / Intermediate knowledge and experience of Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Office Suites and Windows Server. Advance / Intermediate knowledge and experience working on remote servers and databases.

 Knowledge of Product: Knowledge and understanding of corporate responsibility as relates to Banking and Customer relationships.

 Knowledge of Industry: Basic Business Acumen as relates to Banking Basic Financial Skills in general


 Analytical and Statistical Skills are beneficial Development methodology is also beneficial SDLC methodologies



 Accuracy and Attention to detail

 Friendly and tolerant disposition

 Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

 Report writing skills

 Presentation skills

 Project management skills

 Deadline driven

 Client focused

 Process management

 Professionalism & Integrity

 Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work independently and within a team environment

 Good business acumen

 Innovative, creative and out of the box thinking

Data Analyst

in Midrand
Start date: 16.09.2019
Terms of reference

Provide assistance to Business Critical Data relevant work streams, supported by data Governance structures and BCPS Principles. Develop SSIS and SQL solutions for DM and facilitate Direct Marketing processes and program execution. 



Data Preparation and Integration

 Develop and/or maintain ETL/SSIS processes for data warehousing, data Integration and data dissemination to various business units.

 Develop and/or maintain Stored Procedures, Views and Tables to aid in the timeous dissemination of data and/or leads.

 Develop and/or maintain table level objects such as Triggers, Indexes and Constraints.

 Extract data according to specifications accurately and deliver within specified time frame repeatable and automatable.

 Develop Solutions geared toward automation and tracking of Failures/Successes.

 Investigate data quality issues and implement appropriate solutions according to policy.

 Reviewing and analysing data from multiple internal and external sources including business partners.

 Develop high quality code and documentation with minimal supervision.

 Comply with development standard and best practices including corporate governance and directives from management.

 Participate in team problem solving efforts and offer ideas to solve general day to day issues.

 Ability to deliver results under demanding timelines to real-world business problems. Reporting and Tracking

 Execute, monitor and refine processes to produce BAU reporting for daily and monthly performance reporting and tracking

 Ensure data is usable for MIS into the department’s daily, weekly and monthly reports allowing for flexible and user friendly insights.

 Utilise automation for creating data required for daily reports
Data Quality;

 Ensure adherence to the systems in place to ensure data quality

 Ensure adherence to data quality standards to ensure that the required qualities of the data are met: o Accurate, Consistent, Duplication, Enhanced, Legally compliant; Complies with laws such as POPI and opt-in, Secure, Segmented Execute data clean-up measures when required.

 Maintain a record of original data and corrected data.

 Identify areas of improvement to achieve data quality.

 Analyze, query and manipulate data according to defined business rules and procedures.
Data Governance

 Ensure adherence to set out standard operating procedures and policies
Data Processing

 Effectively run processes that require the flow of data for leads generation, segmentation , routing as per business specifications

 To incorporate new data sources as well as third party incorporation of process for the Execution of campaigns e.g. SMS

 Manage the flow and routing of leads from generation to nurturing.  Provide data to the Strategy and Analytics teams as per specifications.  Analyse results and set up processes as required by management.  Assist with data as required for meetings.

 Maintain backups of all processing code as per departmental policy.

 Test and validate functionality of the new implemented data processes.

 Maintain complete documentation of any follow up changes
Customer  Provide ad-hoc assistance where and when necessary.

 Communicate effectively with other stakeholders such as team members and other departments.

 Manage projects so that deliveries are met and results are presented in a professional manner by means of presentations and or reports.

 Build a positive image by exceeding client expectations at all times.

 Treat internal and external customers fairly at all times
Learning and Growth

 Own development plan.

 Continuous learning on company techniques, products, processes, policies and procedures related to their job function.

 Continuously develop sales, interpersonal, self-management and EQ qualities and capabilities in the team.

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